TYGEMGO reveals its iBook "Shall We Go?"!


Why Barack Obama gave a special gift of a Go ban to Hu Jintao?


TYGEMGO has introduced its iBook 'Shall We Go?' on 7th of June.


Amid new iBooks Author which Apple released recently has been well received in market place, TYGEMGO quickly introduced a go education e-book on Apple for the first time.


"Shall We Go? is designed to promote Go all over the world as an World famous sport game. Thus this e-book is composed of variety of interesting go stories such as Barack Obama? special gift and it is very easy to understand even if anyone doesn? have a knowledge of go.


Young-Hoon Ha, the director general of TYGEMGO, said ?hall We Go?' will hopefully generate excitement about GO in the Western countries and this will be a significant step for it.


TYGEMGO has been doing a lot of works to promote go in many ways; Supporting US pro certification tournament, MOU with Singapore Go association, and launching its new iPad app, ect.





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