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Gu Li barely escaped death!


Gu Li barely escaped death!


Gu Li has come back alive from the hell. In the 4th of the final match, Gu Li came from behind to win against Se-dol Lee and made a score balanced as 2:2.



Here are highlights of the game with comments.  (Picture 1 ~3)


                                                           (Picture 1)       



①Gu Li started the game with his favorite opening(Mini Chinese style of opening, move 1~7). ② Se-dol Lee, in return, tried to make changes from move 18~51). ③The new trial is judged as a even for each other. 



                                                           (Picture 2) 


① Gu Li decided to risk his life with move 1~8 to get bigger territory first and deal with the life&death of his big group of stones later. ② Se-dol Lee secured his group safely before attacking.  



                                                               (Picture 3)


① When Gu Li captured W 1, actually it looked very dangerous.  ② Se-dol's W3, W5 are reviewed as losing moves.  Se-dol Lee has had to play just W5 with out W3. Then very complicated reading. ③ As Gu Li Could have alive both his stones, game over. 


Now the match score is 2:2. The last match of the final is on 28th of April.


The 3rd BC Card Word Championships is sponsored by BC Card and top prize is 300,000,000won(nearly $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.


[The game; Gu Li(B) Vs Se-dol Lee(W)]


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