Kim Myung-wan 9P to Comment Live on Samsung Cup Final


Kim Myung-wan 9P to Comment Live on Samsung Cup Final


Kim Myung-wan 9p will be providing live game commentary on the upcoming contest between Gu Li 9P, one of China's strongest players, and Lee Sedol 9P, Korea's strongest player, in the final of the 17th Samsung Cup. The match will take place in Shanghai on Dec. 11-13, and Kim's live English-language commentary will be on the TYGEMGO go server the first 15 minutes of every hour on TYGEMGO "Korea 1″ server.  The games, which could last four or five hours, are set to start at 6pm West Coast time (9pm EST), on Dec. 10, 11 and 12. In their lifetime record against each other, Gu Li has a slight lead of 15-14.



Dragon(Gu Li) vs Tiger(Lee Sedol)


The undisputed championship game is on. Two of the strongest go players on the planet will collide in Shanghai on Dec. 11-13 in the Samsung World Go Masters Cup finals, best of three games. Though ranked 10th in China, Gu Li is the strongest player in China and has won numerous championships in world events. Ranked 1st in Korea, Lee Sedol is known as the strongest player on earth and has won the most championships this decade.

Both players are the same age(29 years old) and are rivals representing the face of their countries. Gu Li, Lee Sedol swept the semi-finals series 2-0 against Park Junghwan(rank 2nd in Korea), Choi Chulhan(rank 3rd in Korea) in coming to the Finals.
In their official games, Gu Li has a slight advantage winning 16 out of 31 with 1 tie. They have met 2 times in world class finals. In 2009, Gu Li beat Lee Sedol in the LG world cup. In 2011, Lee Sedol beat Gu Li in the BC card world cup.

Both have done well in the Samsung World Cup. Lee Sedol won the Samsung Cup in 2004, 2008, 2009. Gu Li won the Samsung Cup in 2010 and was the runnerup in 2011.
This will be the biggest event for all go fans in the world and only one person will be crowned champion in this event.

First place will take $300,000 home while second place will cash in $70,000.
For this super event, Kim Myung-wan(9P) will comment live the first 15 minutes of every hour on Tygemgo's go server(Korea 1 server) for the Samsung Cup Final. 

AGA Reporter : James Kim






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