1st AGA-TYGEMGO Pro Online Prelim


1st AGA-TYGEMGO Pro Online Prelim


Everyone can now sign up for the 1st AGA-TYGEMGO Pro Online Prelim!

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The first round of the three-round competition is a simple single elimination tournament open to all eligible AGA members, regardless of rank. Eligible players are US and Canadian citizens who are not already professionals.


Anyone who signs up on TYGEMGO and competes in the tournament will receive an Ħ°I Went Out For ProĦħ enamel pin as a keepsake. Also Players who are not yet AGA members can join the AGA through TYGEMGO for a promotional $15 rate.


Players whose TYGEMGO ranking is 6d or higher can skip round 1 and start in round 2 with the survivors of round 1.  Survivors of round 2 will join seven pre-seeded players for round 3.


 The tournament will select seven finalists to compete from 7/28 to 8/4 in North Carolina, where sixteen players altogether will compete for two pro certifications. The finalists in North Carolina will each receive a $500 subsidy and another $3,000 in prize money will be distributed.


Players must have an English language TYGEMGO account from www.tygemgo.com to compete in the prelim.




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